Our Methods


Search Engine Optimization
The art of improving web traffic & the quality of the traffic. In practice it involves improving the visual, interactive, and content quality of your website, then implementing technical SEO to improve the ranking on Google searches. Davidson & Hogan can implement SEO on your site, driving more traffic and increasing brand awareness.


Pay-Per-Click Ads
The practice of paying Google, Facebook, or another platform to promote your content to their users. Davidson & Hogan can create fresh, unique ads for Google, stunning commercials for Facebook / Instagram, & more! Contact us to learn more about PPC ads today.


Social Media Management
The implementation of professional management for your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) on your behalf. Don't trust just anyone with the job. You need a firm you can believe in. You need one who understands the younger market, while knowing how to appeal to the older audiences.

Other Services

Email Marketing

Email Marketing includes creating engaging, stunning-looking emails to send to your contact list. Enlist Davidson & Hogan and you won't be disappointed

Direct Mail

It's old school, but sending luxuriously high-quality letters to a targeted list can yield wonders. Contact us to learn more today.

Website Design

First impressions are key, and having an extravagant website is the first step to that. Davidson & Hogan will create an interactive, visually appealing site.

Photo/ Video Shooting

Davidson & Hogan partner with the professional film crew, @goodfellowfims. This team of creative videographers truly create art on a reel.
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General Marketing Consulting

We offer marketing consulting by-the-hour in order to fulfil any needs you may have. This may include questions about branding, crisis consulting, or others.